Our Story

The North Belle Vernon Community Bank Park, formerly known as Graham St. Park, reopened August of 2016 with a newfound mission, to enhance the community we are in. 

Since the the reopening of the park we have strived to use the facility as a capstone attraction for the entire Mon Valley region. We now host events through the year including our annual Egg Hunt, Polka Fest and Community Fest. Through these events we are able to bring the community closer together, and give an outlet for local businesses a place to showcase their product. Besides events we now feature multiple sporting venues for youth and adults alike. With the addition of a turf soccer field, utilized by youth soccer leagues, and a dek hockey rink that is used every day by aspiring young athletes from all across the area.


Through the help and determination from the whole community and group of volunteers we now have a facility that continues to grow year after year.

Hear what people are saying

"What a great park!! Handicapped accessible is the best part for us!"

Such a great place to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends."

"A place where a family of differently abled person(s) can now have fun themselves. Truly a BLESSING!!"

"I highly recommend. Great for all Ages. Thank You"